Roles and Self-Perception

I wrote in a previous post about all of the hats that I wear, symbolizing the roles that I play in my day to day life. Most people will have a similar list of roles, some more and some less, and they change throughout the course of our lives. For example, about this time next year, […]

Things I Learned In Europe


Well, it’s all over and my feet are, more or less, firmly planted back in “reality” again. We had a fabulous time and took a ton of pictures which I will be sprinkling into my posts for the next few weeks. Two weeks is a long time to be on vacation and for me, it […]

Ciao from Italy

We just settled in to our hotel in Rome and I’m happy to report that we have free internet access. Whew! I was starting to get the shakes! I don’t have much to say about money today other than that Europe is a pretty expensive continent. Compound that with the fact that my currency is […]

Vacation: Paid For

Paying cash for major purchases is a hallmark of good finance management. It takes equal parts planning and discipline but if you establish a system that works for you, you can sleep easy knowing that your next vacation or car will be paid for without going into debt. Just Do It We use this technique […]

Goal Setting: May 2012

Welcome to another month, which means another round of goals on the upward spiral of growth. Goings-on Financially, April was a pretty rough month. A car repair and a busted water heater put the emergency fund back by a few grand but hey: that’s what it’s for! We went over our cell phone minutes – […]

The Many Hats We Wear

I know hats are out of fashion except at British royal wedding, when wearing the biggest, weirdest hat seems to be some kind of competition. I still think hat-wearing is a perfect metaphor for the different roles we take in life. Many of us will wear a huge collection of hats over the course of our […]

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